Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Saints go marching home

Hello my friends,

Well, Sunday morning I sent my visitors home. You met them all in the blog entry. At that time I had said that they would offer some final remarks before they left… which they did. So here they are… enjoy.

Hello Everyone! Jessica again. Well, I was in Boston this weekend, as you all know, and I would like to tell you about my experience. My favorite part was learning about all the history in Faneuil Hall. It was interesting to find out all of the great leaders that spoke there, and how they inspired so many people around the world. Thanks so much for listening... or reading! :)

Hey there, good people of the world!

It’s Alexis here! So today was a pretty fun day here in Boston. We started with a little visit to Cambridge. What's in Cambridge you might ask? The answer is Harvard University, obviously. Well, my favorite part of the day was... yes! Harvard! The campus was beautiful and the atmosphere was just splendid. We kept saying how I was getting smarter just walking the campus. Thanks everybody, for coming with me on my journey to Boston!

Hey kids,

Zach here. So, to sum it up, Boston is pretty wicked. The blend of architecture makes it ancient and new all at the same time. Our visit to Fenway Pahk (well, that’s how they say it) was quite an experience. Although I did wear my “James Shields” t-shirt in the open, I was not chased through the streets of Boston by rabid Red Sox fans. Fenway is indeed a gorgeous ballpark and is America's Most Beloved for a reason. Because of this experience, I now have a newfound respect and appreciation for the Boston Red Sox franchise. I will never be a fan, but there are worse things in the world.

Hey all you people,

It's Christian for all who was wondering. I love it up here in Boston we’ve had great weather and a great guide (my uncle). Fenway Park was pretty cool to go through, I also enjoyed the Duck tour, the train rides, the history, the old cemeteries (I saw were Sam Adams and Paul Revere are buried), and can't leave out the wonderful walking that we have done. I don't want to walk for another two years after all the walking I did it all up here. We all went to Church tonight and Cardinal Sean O’Malley said the Mass (it was really cool). My uncle had told us to pick our favorite place and write about it in the blog but I've come to realize that I don't have jut one favorite place to chose from that we went to or did while up here, my favorite part is the entire experience of being able to be here and enjoy all of it. Well, I would keep writing but I am tired and gotta get up at the crack of dawn to get ready to leave. Goodnight all.

And I thank you all for coming this weekend and making it one of the most relaxing I’ve had in a while. Seeing these wonderful young people, all of whom I’ve been blessed to know since they cute (yes, I did go there), I have been reminded of two things: One I am so glad I’m celibate! And second, more seriously, I am so happy that God has brought such glorious people into my family and into my life.

Next time I’ll be back to writing my own stuff. See you then.


Fr. John

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  1. Fr J: you brought them to some interesting places and of course you just can't "do Boston' in a weekend. Too many place and things to see and savor. However it certainly is interesting to hear and "expirence" my home area from fresh set of eyes (yours included). Enjoy your stay and the "fun" has yet to begin...wait til the snow starts falling in and around the Boston area.